Explore, Engage, Evolve – Nefzawa City awaits you!
For a SMARTER Country

Kebili, Tunisia - ISET Kebili

May 03-04,2024

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Explore, Engage, Evolve – Nefzawa City awaits you!
For a SMARTER Country

Welcome to Nefzawa City, the epicenter of an exceptional convergence of media, investment, culture, and artificial intelligence, dedicated to the emergence of a sustainable future.
Over two days, this immersive city will captivate your senses and stimulate your mind as it explores the synergies formed by the integration of several sectors.. The experience starts as soon as you walk in with a simple online check-in through our personalized mobile application, which grants you individualized access to the event.
You will be guided along your journey by the interactive screen with panels and schedules, making sure you don't miss any fascinating moments. Your first stop will take you to the Media Village, where 20 international and Tunisian media outlets will engage in innovative radio sessions, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the auditory experience.

Nearby, a dynamic conference hall awaits, creating a space for exchange between media and experts, exploring the use of digital tools in journalistic and media content creation, as well as their impact on the sustainability of these media. Continuing your exploration, the 2nd Village will immerse you in the world of Investment, offering unique opportunities to discuss and shape the economic future.
Simultaneously, the third village will display documentaries, movies, songs, and poetry enhanced by artificial intelligence, showcasing the region's rich cultural diversity while offering a unique cultural experience. Get ready for an exciting virtual reality presentation honoring Kebili region at the end of each day. This virtual tourism adventure, accessible to a pre-registered limited number of participants through Google Forms, it will take you right into the center of the area's natural and cultural beauty and provide foreign tourists an unusual vision.


Kebili, Tunisia - ISET Kebili

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May 03-04,2024


Nefzawa City aims to attract a diverse audience, ranging from students to young professionals and media experts.
Each segment of the target audience is carefully considered to create an inclusive and enriching experience.


Active youth, including university students and young professionals.


●Encourage active participation in educational and creative workshops.
●Provide insights into investment opportunities and careers in media.
●Promote understanding of social issues through culture and media.


Primary and secondary school students.


●Raise awareness among students about media and the importance of media education.
●Inspire young minds to explore careers in media, culture, and technology.
●Provide interactive educational opportunities to broaden their horizons.

Media Professionals

Journalists, editors, producers, and media experts.


●Facilitate in-depth discussions on current challenges and opportunities in the media field.
●Promote innovative use of artificial intelligence in journalism and media production.
●Establish networking opportunities and fruitful partnerships between media professionals and experts.


Individuals engaged in creating and managing businesses and entrepreneurship.


●Organize workshops and specific sessions on entrepreneurship, highlighting existing opportunities.
●Facilitate meetings with potential investors, encouraging investment opportunities in innovative media projects.
●Create a conducive space for networking among entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and strategic partnerships.

Our Sections


Where opportunities blossom

At the heart of Nefzawa City, the Entrepreneurship Village offers a dynamic stage where economic opportunities come to life. It positions itself as the catalyst for regional and international investments, inviting participants to...

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An artistic odyssey amplified by AI

The Culture Village within Nefzawa City transforms into an artistic odyssey where the cultural richness of the Kebili region is staged and amplified by artificial intelligence. Participants are immersed in a panorama of ...

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Media, drivers of social progress

At the heart of Nefzawa City, the Media Village stands as an innovation hub where artificial intelligence merges with the world of media. With 20 international and Tunisian media each occupying their recording booth...

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Welcome to Nefzawa City

Nefzawa City exemplifies a forward-thinking strategy for bringing media, economics, culture, and artificial intelligence together. It is a platform that sees and shapes the future, not merely an event. We warmly ask you to join us as we set out on this revolutionary adventure to discover the seemingly endless possibilities that emerge when many industries collaborate to build a sustainable and intelligent future. Welcome to Nefzawa City, where teamwork, creativity, and innovation are redefining how we think about progress.


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